Welcome to Kamasu

Kamasu is a contemporary sushi restaurant from Kissaki Hospitality Group. Approachable and welcoming, Kamasu features temaki hand rolls, maki, specialty futomaki, donburi and a la carte menu of items from our kitchen.

The Team Behind Kamasu

From the Kissaki Hospitality Group

At Kissaki, our team strives to deliver an innovative culinary experience that's grounded in Japanese tradition. Our chefs bring years of master craftsmanship in the art of sushi. Our restaurants are designed to take diners on a culinary expedition through their senses with dishes based around mindful sourcing, seasonality, and quality.

Our Chefs draw from unrelenting passion to cultivate a culinary experience where everyone feels at home. Kamasu Kissaki was the next step in Kissaki Hospitality Group’s culinary evolution. We refined our overall vision and to create a remarkable experience of Temaki. Temaki, open-faced sushi hand rolls made from warm rice, crisp nori, and fresh seafood are the focus of the Kamasu. This commitment to excellence is the reason why every Kissaki has the highest standard of service, knowledge, and hospitality.